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Monin French Vanilla Bottle, 700 ml


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Vanilla has traditionally been used by French cooks in many desserts including a delicious vanilla custard which was later called “French Vanilla”.
MONIN French Vanilla syrup has a perfect custard vanilla taste which prevails against the bitterness of any strong hot or cold coffee for a delectable experience.
Enjoy its truly favourful vanilla taste in your cofees and iced lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos but also in teas and tea lattes.



Clear gold


Tasting notes

Nose: Beany nose

Attack: Strong vanilla with almond notes

Length in Mouth: Long lasting custard vanilla taste


Beverage Innovation Directors tips

MONIN French Vanilla syrup is perfect in coffee applications in which it reveals all its roundness and full body.Steam it with your milk to intensify the rich vanilla smell and gourmet favour. Prepare your favourite French Vanilla instant cold coffee latte in a spindle mixer to get a great foamy texture with an exquisite vanilla favour.Try also MONIN French Vanilla muddled with fresh fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, tangerines, andpears: it will strengthen the favour; lessen the acidity of certain fruits, while revealing a gourmet vanilla flavour.





Iced Coffees


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